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Heater Repair
Preventative Maintenance Membership
A/C Repair

It is always important for homeowners to keep up with maintenance and take care of the gas, electric furnaces for both operation and safety. Carbon monoxide and a build up of lint, dirt can cause smoke and some times fire in the furnace. Very important to perform preventative maintenance to keep from serious issues.

System Installation

We are able to work on all manufactures of AC units and if it comes to the point of installing a new HVAC system, we will make sure to ensure the installation is done correctly and to code as well as manufacture specification.

You will feel at ease knowing we offer a Preventative Maintenance Membership where we will come out 2 times a year to check the AC and heating. It is very important do preventative maintenance in both heating and cooling.

Club members get discounts on repairs, replacements and priority service.

Check up / Maintenance

In Az it is very important to have your Air-conditioning and Heating checked out once in heating and once in cooling.

We can service, maintain any / all manufacture system. Sit in comfort knowing your ACE Certified Comfort Tech will be able to handle any situation.

Our highly trained technicians are able to work and repair all manufacture of Air-conditioning systems. A large amount of customers dont realize if the AC or Heating is not keeping up, its not going to fix itself. The issues will only get worse.

Duct Cleaning and Repair

Your duct system is very important. Having improper airflow will cause multiple issues and cause a brand new HVAC system to fail.

Ducts need to be cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Most homes have never had there ducts cleaned at all.

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